Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sailing Terms 101

So you want a sailboat and you want to sail!

Most every year the question comes up about learning how to sail or buying a sailboat, and then which sailboat? This little article is about things to think about before or while you are buying a sailboat, hopefully you find it beneficial.

  1. Who is going to be sailing? You and the significant, with/without kids, how old are they, is the dog going, friends, big friends or small friends, a couple beers or lunch and a grill?
    1. The message what type of sailing do you have in mind?
    2. The more weight, people, on the boat the bigger the boat expectation.
  2. Are you adventuress, or just interested? Sailboats come in many varieties, some are for sailing significantly faster than others, more speed equals more adventure and in heavier winds probably more bodies. One other small detail, speed usually has a direct relationship to less comfort and more money, boats that damage easier, and a desire to invest more money in stuff.
  3. Tow vehicle: A bigger heavier boat is directly correlated to a larger more robust tow vehicle.
    1. Draft of the boat: How deep do you need to get the trailer and the boat to float it off?  Message ground & water clearance!
    2. If you already have a heavy power boat you are probably good to go.
  4. Storage: Summer, plans to put it on a lift you’ll need one with proper weight and width, or just drag it onto the beach? (Not good for gel coat, especially if racing,  On and off a trailer, back to the tow vehicle, plus, you may get wet putting it in and taking it out as well as “who/how  will you mind the boat when parking the trailer.   
    1. Usually a good idea to keep the boat partially tarped in the summer, keeps the sun off the deck, trampoline,  also helps keep rain leaves and junk out of the cockpit if so equipped as well as shielding lines and perhaps sails from ultraviolet sunlight light 
    2. Winter indoors is best, but fully wrapped, shedding as much water/snow as possible outside is pretty standard for most boats.       
  5. Do you mind getting wet, even when it’s cold? Depending on type and time of your sailing desires additional accessories may be needed, dry suits, wet suits, or on bigger boats, foul weather gear for those less than balmy days or mid-late autumn cruises.    
  6. Like to tinker with stuff? Sheets, sheaves, fiberglass repair “or prefer more turn key? The message, is boat repair “typically” isn’t that difficult,  gives you a sense of ownership and allows to tinker, especially if you are on the speed side.  
    1. Newer vs Older: Up front or elbow grease?  $$$
  7. Personality: Are you patient, sailboats do not move W/O wind, and it may not be pointing in the direction you wan it too.
    1. Zen: Sailing does have a bit of a Zen feeling to it, one with the wind, water, weather sky and boat,  however,  sometimes it can get very disharmonious, when the wind and the  waves get turbulent.  But that is when you usually go the fastest!
  8. Typical boats you will find in the club?
    1. Laser,
    2. Sun fish 
    3. Flying Dutchmann
    4. Nacra (Catamaran)
    5. Hobie (Catamaran
    6. Chrysler Mutineer/Buccaneer
    7. O’Day   

  1. Here are a number of links to help point you in the right direction.

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